1) The Idea of Res Publica

"Things Public," Civic Art, and Ancient Rome

2) Representing representation

Ambrogio Lorenzetti's Allegory of Good and Bad Governments

3) Sovereignty in art: The body politic and the body natural

Rulers painted by Holbein, Rubens, van Dyck, Velázquez, Rigaud, David, Ingres, and Goya

4) Community and Immunity

(The Latin munus has to do with gifts or duties offered publicly)

Who shares a mutual obligation? Who is exempt from participation?

Institutional branding: Propaganda and Jesuit painting: Pozzo, Baciccio, etc.

5) Jus sanguis and Jus solis: Is membership in the state defined by blood or land?

Casta paintings in Latin America - Miguel Cabrera, José Joaquín Magón, Juan Rodríguez Juárez, etc.

"Venerate the plow": Paintings from North America by Thomas Cole, Frederic Edwin Church, Asher Durand, Edward Hicks, Thomas Hart Benton

6) From subject to citizen

Depictions of political crowd (Hunt/Censer)

The concept of the social contract

Freemasonry and art

7) Gender and the patriotic imaginary

Marianne and Liberté

8) Permanent ephemerality

Looking at genres such as currency, uniforms, murals, posters, fairs, and films

My own work with digital ephemera like websites, online video channels, photostreams, virtual reality simulations, and videogames in Virtualpolitik