This coming week as you begin your blogging, you may find these instructions helpful.

1) The Class Blog

You should post something each week on the CAT 125 blog for the next five weeks. Make sure to tag each entry with your section leader's last name and a subject tag like "YouTube" or "PowerPoint" or "Wikipedia" or "Privacy" or "Copyright." If a tag is already in the system it will suggest it to you.

Class Blog entries are due on Thursday of each week.

Below I have suggested some sample topics, but often students choose to comment upon current events, speakers or happenings that are relevant on campus, or write a follow-up post to a classmate's observations.

Week Three suggested theme: New Media (and its relationship to Old Media)

Week Four suggested theme: Ability and Disability Online

Week Five suggested theme: Intellectual Property

Six suggested theme: Bodies, Minds, Sexuality, and Privacy

Week Seven suggested theme: Video Games and Persuasive Technologies

2) Your Individual Blog

You should open a blog at and send your section leader an e-mail with the URL, so he or she can set up a page for the feeds to all be in one place. You should choose the domain name carefully (easy to spell and represents the subject matter well). If you already have a blog, you can continue to post there, or you could set up a blog on Tumblr instead of Blogger.Se

To get ready for peer editing, post at least two items this first week. You will want to include links in your postings and analysis of those links. Many students also include photographs.

Individual Blog entries are due on Tuesday of each week.

Try to choose a very specific subject that would have a natural audience. Aim for a niche that no one else is exploring in depth. There is some good advice here: and here: