Meeting Ten:


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A great example of a class blog post!

What does it mean to emulate (or not emulate) news style


Comparing our first three case studies: Folkenflik, Kotecki, and Gregory


Credibility and Sources

What does it mean to talk about remixing human rights?

What does it mean from a software studies to see to the news as a form of "database cinema"?

What does it mean to use mobile media content from insurgents in this broadcast?

How much does traditional media understand about digital culture? (Maybe not much)

Is "Facebook journalism" a problem?

The Reginald Denny beating - Bob Tur (helicopter reporter and current copyright claim on the footage) vs. on-the-street coverage (13:23) by Bob Brill


How can we see digital storytelling techniques in this story about Trinity Broadcasting?

How is social media telling the story of Daniel Chong?