Meeting Thirteen:


Blogging: Showcasing your blogs and blog entries -- why does currency and popularity matter?

How can you be more credible than the MSM?

Back to Facebook Journalism: Is a murderer's RateMyProfessor rating newsworthy?

How do you police Internet rumors like this one?


What do to about offensive comments on "4 Men Sought in Rape of Lesbian" story?

Play moderator with this handout where you must decide whether or not to delete comments on "Two Highland Park neighbors killed in knife fight"

Ranking: 1 (definitely delete), 2 (probably delete), 3 (consider deleting), 4 (definitely keep in public view)

Starting to plan your multimedia digital storytelling piece for your final project on digital journalism:

Starting with the storyboard

Starting with the script


Citizen Journalism

What are the key events?

1998: The Drudge Report and the Clinton/Lewinsky Scandal (21-22)

2001: September 11th attacks (23-24)

2004: Military coffins and The Seattle Times (24-25)

2004: Abu Ghraib Scandal (26)

2004: Tsunami (18)

2005: London Bombing Attacks (4, 28-29)

2008: CNN iReport on Steve Jobes (2-3)

2008: Crackdown on Malaysia Today (5-6)

2008: Wenchuan Earthquake (30)

2008: Mumbai attacks (30-31)


Who is Salam Pax? What is Where Is Raed? (26-27, 35-36)

Hyperlocalization and personalization of the Iraq war

Did the US set up pro-American blogs as well?



School shooting reconstructions