Meeting Sixteen:


Office Hours Sign-Ups


Neda vs. Hypercities Tehran

The 2009 film Fleurs du Mal How is citizen journalism reappropriated for a fiction film?

How does VJ Um Amel remix citizen journalism?


The Iranian Story: What Citizens? What Journalism?

criticizing "export of notions to different contexts" (121)

need to understand both ideologies of "citizenship" and of "journalistic practice" (121)

political and press freedom rare (122)

how journalism reflects the larger economy of large state-owned enterprises and small business (124)

reforms post-1997 and training opportunities for journalists

the digital divide and rise of mobile communication (126)

"sentiments" of individual bloggers "family photos, love poems, laments about failed relationships, whimsy and wit, and all the accoutrements of emergent bourgeois individualism" (127)

how the addition of links points ot wider communities of interest (127)

labor movement and collective blogging (127)

student bloggers (128)

feminist websites (129)

women's collective blogs (130)

Argument that journalism was "never highly professionalized" - check out Press TV for Iranian state-run television content (131)

Defining journalism 1) form of writing, 2) economic activity, 3) articulating social and political issues (131)


A Saudi woman challenging the religious police


Review Case Studies

Thinking about image-centered journalism:

Gina Levy

Lauren Greenfield



Skepticism about web 2.0

how "advertising shapes content" (55)

FCC revisiting media ownership rules (58)

Other groups becoming involved in the "anticoncentration in media ownership movement" (58)

understanding the "media reform movement" (61)

The Yes Men on Bhopal disaster (62)

Need for broader movements rather than "microactions" (63)

"Self-government is impossible without a viable press" (65)

New possibilities for competition (67)

Satellite companies (69)