Meeting Seven:

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The 13 Most Useless Majors

Will "robot journalists" earn Pulitzers?

Sample "making the invisible visible" videos

The plan for next week



Skepticism about "world-historical development" and model of personal expression

Attack on Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit - David and Goliath imagery

Pew Internet and American Life Report on "Bloggers" - 12 million bloggers / 34% consider it journalism

Acknowledges value of citizen journalism in a sudden disaster

Cynical about "hyperlocal" coverage

Like "church or community newsletter"

Question of where "reporting" is

Internet's "cheerleaders" and emphasis on "self-confidence"



The Sarah Palin analogy

How is blogging imagined as feminized?



The Rathergate Scandal




Cyberutopianism and "blog triumphalism" (272)

Technological discourses as a site of "displaced social anxieties" (273)

Emphasis on history of blogging culture

Rathergate/Memogate as the exception rather than the rule - what stories don't get picked up by mainstream media (276)

Theoretical framework of the "mediated public sphere" (286)

Case studies of "blogflops"