Meeting Nine:


Discussion of Class Blog

Discussion of Visible/Invisible Videos

Discussion of Individual Blogs


How is a diary entry different from the work of Andrew Sullivan?



Sullivan's The Dish as "biased and balanced" - advocacy and long-form journalism

"instant and global self-publishing"

"spontaneous experssion of thought"

Analogy to a ship's log - opportunity to collect thoughts while doing new forms of exploration

"minute shifts or constant small contradictions exposed"

writing about yourself

"On my blog, my readers and I experienced 9/11 together, in real time"

Readers as "friends" who can lead to both good sources and dubious information

"human brand"

Early success of Slate and Salon

Blogging as a collective as well as an individual enterprise

"open-source market of thinking" (contradicted by Geert Lovink in his essay about blogs in the Netherlands in Zero Comments)

"linking" and "aggregating" as modes of production

moving from a blog format to the format of a print essay for a magazine

"golden era for journalism" despite "gloom and doom" about newspapers