Check out this idea for representing Photoshop

Dove Evolution (parodies and more here, here, here, here, here, here, and here . . . and this goes on and on to Photoshop transformations of elderly ladies and women in mugshots)


Montage: lyrics and video from Team America

vs. no montage in Touch of Evil and Russian Ark

Lack of montage in games (desire to correlate different senses)

And using editing to give the illusion of penetrating space (Dove Onslaught and parody with a feminist critique here.)

Or privileging the morph over the cut in Women in Art or Daydream

More resources for video editing

Active Fields / "Interactivity"

vividness and interactivity matrix

Vision no longer opposed to touch

Possibilities for aggression

Animator vs. Animation


Videos by photographer Noah Kalina (video here) or graphic designer Ahree Lee (video here)? Do they tell a story? (And, of course, there are the parodies and imitators. )

How are new sequences created in this Bush mash-up or this one?

How does the database function in filmmaking in the "hyperactive editing style" of Amateur

Navigable Space

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