CAT 124 Reflection Prompts from Professor Claire Ramsey


Usually your weekly writing will be due on Wednesday by 11:59 pm.

Identify your strengths – as a writer, a reader, a language-user, and a communicator (a talker and a listener)

Explain your “voice” as a writer

Tell about the genres you like to read and write

Tell your experiences in CAT 1,2,3 or other Freshman Writing, composition courses.

Tell about your own writing process.

Tell about the hardest piece of writing you ever did.

Tell about the person who helped you the most as a writer. Tell as specifically as possible what that person did to help.

Tell about the worst writing experience of your life. Tell what made it horrible. Tell how you got over it (if you did. If you didn’t, you will this quarter).

Tell about your goals for CAT 124.

Tell about your post-UCSD plans.