CAT 124 Reflection Prompt from Professor Claire Ramsey


Usually your weekly writing will be due on Wednesday by 11:59 pm.

1. What information or experiences do you want to share about working with CAT 1 students in the Writing Studio?

Refer to the field notes that you have created since beginning your mentoring work in order to write an extended reflection about the kinds of students that you are seeing and the kinds of problems that they are having. What trends in the student population needing help should we be aware of? How would you describe the range of students that you saw?

2. Thinking about the three writing samples that you saw in our class session, how would you compare the strengths and weaknesses of the "live" papers that you have seen ?

Did you see finished papers or less finished papers? Were students struggling more with paraphrasing their readings than our samples seemed to show? Did you think those writing samples set your expectations for student writing appropriately?

3. What could professors in CAT do to give students more help with their writing?