Blog Tags

You will want to take this time to do revising and editing of your blog. This means that you should go through and make sure that all of the sentences use standard capitalization and the conventions of Standard Written English and that postings use coherent paragraphs to put forward a coherent message. You will also need to use tags on each posting, which the Blogger software can do for you if you type it into the box marked "Labels for this post."

Your blog should have 5-10 tags to indicate common categories, and each posting should have at least two tags. Visit the blogs of your classmates and let them know via the back channel of e-mail if there are any editing issues that need to be addressed. Putting these kinds of corrections in the reader comments may be seen as a violation of "netiquette." To get more ideas for tools that make your blog more accessible to the public, you may also want to look at sites like Blog Flux.